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Report On Training Program In The Sales And Marketing Company

Table of Contents

The Position and Firm

Assessment of Needs

The Instructional Course

Gaining an Understanding of Educational Principles

To sum up

The Position and Company

In order to improve Kosha Agencies’s sales strategy, a week-long training program was organized between 2nd October & 10th Oct. Kosha Agencies a multi-national Sales and Marketing Company with the aim of ensuring that other companies’ products continue to grow in the country. This organization is responsible for analyzing target markets, advertising, networking, and finding new business ventures.

The organization also offers the following services:

Brand Building

New-market entry strategy

Planning for brand growth

Consulting and creative strategy.

This report was required by a corporate sales executive to evaluate the skills of existing employees. The business development skill training was designed to address certain issues within the advertising sector, including ethics, customer relationships and teamwork. The training will also serve to motivate employees to understand the economic, social and environmental perspectives of their enterprise. The training’s primary purpose was to assess the current state of employees’ resources, including their attitude, knowledge, and skills. This is critical to job success. The findings of the training requirements assessment will be used to make recommendations that can help develop specific skills.

The task assessment questionnaire was used as the method for assessing need. Supervisors received the questionnaires and were asked different questions about their employees’ work performance. Interviews were also carried out. In group interviews, employees were asked similar questions. The collected information was coded, recorded and analyzed using SPSS to generate clear and concise data that was distributed to the head.

The task assessment questionnaire comprised two parts. The interviormation was a survey that asked about the skills and abilities of their supervisors in managing their respective stations and employees. The group interview format was used to administer the questionnaires.

Interviewer called all employees to the conference room, asking them the same question. All supervisors were free to respond. This seemed like the ideal way to train, as teamwork is a key prerequisite. Although the interview lasted one hour, it evaluated a variety of skills across different departments.

This process synthesized all the data from interviews and questionnaires to create a cohesive program that would benefit the entire organization. The purpose of analyzing and synthesizing all the data was to get a comprehensive understanding of the skills and capabilities of each department as well as the whole organization.

The Training ProgramThe training program’s main goal is to increase professional, ethical, and cultural behavior in the organization. This involves improving knowledge, skills, and behavior of employees within the organization. To improve efficiency and productivity, Kosha Agencies will have an increase in the performance of its administrative staff.

Modules were developed based on employee feedback. The training had two specific goals: improving operational efficiency and quality. Participants who fully participated and adhered to the procedure were eligible for individual incentives and awards.

The following training methods are part of the training program:

Employees often benefit from visuals when learning onboard. This helps them to understand the concepts more clearly and allows them to become more effective in their jobs.

This training focuses on improving employees’ soft skills. These skills include communication, problem solving, presentation, leadership, and communication skills.

Different Learning Theories The researcher recommended that top management and supervisors reward efficient and obedient employees while pointing out incompetent and lazy ones to improve.

It was also possible to concentrate on improving the mental processes of workers through cognitivism. Employers and managers were encouraged to encourage employees to develop their problem-solving, memory, and strategic thinking skills through the training. Kosha Agencies also introduced games and other activities to increase employee flexibility, creativity, and speed. This was done in order to improve well-being and workplace productivity.

The following are the top practices for improving learning transfer

A success criteria is established to evaluate the performance of a trainee.

The value of employees’ training programs to improve agility

Measuring business impact and learning transfer

Learning transfer should be treated as a project by the company. Data and reports should be openly shared within the company.

Training transfers are essential and allow workers to put into practice all they learned during their training. It was a combination of various activities, which were all relevant to the particular department. Organizations such as Kosha Agencies need to be able measure the success and effectiveness of their training programs in order to meet the rapidly changing needs of employees.

To gauge the reaction of participants.

To determine and measure the learning outcomes of training.

To determine the behavior change.

To analyze the entire training.

ConclusionGathering the already-existing information regarding the organization’s assets was an important aspect of the training programme. The result was a comprehensive and original program structure. This included both elements that were successful for other organizations as well as those that the organization had created.

Among the topics discussed were:

What the organisation could do.

Important issues and issues that deserve immediate attention.

It is vital that you review the training goals in order to evaluate whether the organization has met these criteria. Specific goals were to increase knowledge and skills among employees. This is only possible through the transfer of training as well as the measurement of the effectiveness. It is important to continue training, and also to offer more advanced training. The program was still a huge success and a significant improvement on previous sessions.


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    Hugo Ellis is a 27-year-old educational blogger. He has a love for writing and educating others about different topics. Hugo is a self-taught writer who has a passion for helping others achieve their goals.


Hugo Ellis is a 27-year-old educational blogger. He has a love for writing and educating others about different topics. Hugo is a self-taught writer who has a passion for helping others achieve their goals.